Insurance plans

Digital media people

Curious about what a digital media person is? Or is it the relationship between digital media and insurance?

So I’ll give you the answer. We hope that through our products and the designs of digital media people, we can work with insurance companies. If you enter an insurance company and find that you are communicating with a digital agent of MIracle Holo; Are you impressed? Introduce you to insurance by a digital agent; Recommend the right insurance for you.

Insurance plans

AI accurate recommendation

You stand before our miraculous holograms; Our holographic cabinets will be based on your age, height and weight; Intelligent detection and analysis of various real personal situations such as occupation; Accurately match and recommend your insurance type based on your real data; Of course, we will also calculate the maximum discount for you; makes you take a lot of detours; It also saves you time and money.

What are you waiting for? Please feel free to contact us if you need ! We will help you as much as we can !

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